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Modified MDI,It is a light brown liquid at room temperature. It can be mainly used in the production of rebounded foam.

For the flexible polyurethane foam pieces ,it has strong adhesive force, this adhesive production is to create a range of densities of the flexible polyurethane foam. With fast curing speed ,non-toxic ,easy operation, economical and passed by SGS.

Economical Comparing to the traditional recipe of TDI,Polyether and T9, YUNJIE adhesive improved the technology which can bring you non-toxc also cost saving, normaly can save at least 15% for 100kg rebonded foam.

Easily Operation Speed adjustable, Obvious effects.

Enviromental Operating under the normal temperature , harmless for human health.

Steam only Usage Price Density Smell
YJ#904 Normal&Steam Rubber mat Medium None
YJ#909 Normal&Steam High density foam Expensive High density None
YJ#8565 Normal&Steam Rebound foam Economic Medium density Little
YJ#901 Only steam Rebound foam Cheapest Normal Little
YJ#8566 EPDM granules Medium Little

Features of our Rebonding Glue

If you are in need of producing rebound foam, the most economical type is YJ#8565, the finished product can be hardness. YJ#909 can produce higher quality and the most hardness rebound foam while YJ#901 is the cheapest but only used in steam.

For producing rubber mat, YJ#904 does the best, but YJ#8565 can do either. And for sports tracking, two kinds normal and yellow resistance of YJ#8566 can meet requirements. The yellow resistance type makes better performance on tracking with light color, which can keep the color.

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As our advantaged product, polyurethane glue proportion can be customized and free sample (5kg below) are available.

Compared with other factory, customers can use a lower percentage when producing rebound foam and rubber mat, which can help you save more money on it.

Using ratio Low Percentage (6%-8%)
Sample Free Sample (below 5kgs)
Customized Customized Proportion


Packed into iron drums, 220-230kg per drum. 

Four drums per pallet.

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Uses of Rebonding Glue

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