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Founded in 2008, Yunjie is a highly competitive company with the integration of production and sales. Yunjie focuses on the polyurethane chemical, with products ranging from raw materials to finished products. We provide customers with a complete set of solutions in the field of foam products and rubber running track. Yunjie spares no efforts in developing innovative products to adapt to the market demand.


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Running Tracks

Sports Suspended Flooring

Rubber Tiles

Artificial Grass

Polyurethane Glue

Rebonding Glue

EPDM & SBR Granules

Foam Scrap


What Clients Say…

“Received this high quality product very very quickly and efficiently. The quality of running track materials is very good. The mixture of high-quality glue and epdm makes the runningtrack more perfect.

I am always impressed with how well this company conducts business. They will tell me how to mix theproportion of glue and other materials to make my proect progress faster. I wil continue to purchase with this company, as theproduct quality is great, but the service is wonderful!”


“I am very happy with this purchase and really impressed by the considerate service. The saleslady was very nice and patient toanswer all my questions. The commuication was very smooth and what surprised me most is the cleanness and high quality otthe foam scraps,  boucht them for making the mattress.

After trying several times with these foam scraps, it turns out to bevery  good and elastic for my mattress.Now my mattress sells very wel thanks to the foam scraps, I am planning to place moreorders with this company. Worth recommending!”



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