Dongguan Yunjie Adhesive Co., Ltd. successfully completed the plastic runway of Hengyang Zhongping Primary School

A high-quality playground cannot be made without high-quality raw materials. From the EPDM particles and glue at the periphery of the playground to the football field at the inner circle, Yunjie will contribute the best EPDM particles, runway glue, and artificial turf and filler particles

Since November 2020, the completion of the short annular plastic track means that Hengyang Zhongping Primary School has bid farewell to the era of no formal plastic track and opened a new era of standard playground. The standard playground is equipped with standardized plastic track, fitness equipment field and professional football training field. In January 2021, the green plastic lawn has been completely paved and put into use.

The construction of the new playground not only expands the training ground for students, helps to implement the school running policy of all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical culture, beauty and labor, but also strengthens the confidence of teachers and students in the development of the school and changes the image of the school.