Taking “Polyurethane Adhesive”as the core product

YUN JIE is a factory specializing in the manufacturing of re bonded foam and runway, supporting all raw materials, such as PU adhesive (we call it re adhesive), waste foam, EPDM, TPE, etc; We focus on environmental protection business and help the world save energy. We turn waste into useful materials! With strong experience and customer trust, we have established a professional team dedicated to R&D to provide the most suitable products for all kinds of customers.

YUNJIE has three businesses and two factories. One is located in Hunan, mainly producing polyurethane adhesive, re adhesive, foam adhesive, latex for bonding foam with skin and fabric, elastic adhesive for foam adhesive and other products; The other is located in Guangdong, mainly producing foam scraper; We have about 100 workers in the factory, more than 1000 square meters of plant.

Please believe that with our help, your funds are safe and your business is safe. Because we have never cheated any of our customers before, we fully hope that we will become a trustworthy organization for you to carry out foam business in China. Please check the blacklist of Chinese companies on the Internet, and you will find that it does not contain our name, because we have always been honest dealers.